Free agent

Hi! So from today im officially a free agent again, this was nothing i really wanted. Ofcourse being with a team for less then 6months (if you think about me being away for nearly 2months) its not something anyone wants i guess.

I want to thank rfrsh as they did everything possible to make everything work and also support me when i had problems with my eyes, which is really nice of them.

I dont really want to talk so much about the team, i wish them all good luck and i had a good time, it was ofcourse sad that the team i joined was not the same as now. It was unfortunate things that happened as we played 2 tournaments right after I joined, the first only 2 days after.

Jugi and snappi got sold to optic right after everything was settled back to normal, it was of course hard, but we gave everything and thats what matters the most!

About my eye condition that i have not been sharing so much about, it is called "iritis" in english, it is basically that i couldnt sit infront of a screen, stress and do physical activites for 2 months, they dont really know why people gets it, 50% of them getting it has arthritis. So it was a process of taking alot of tests and not sitting infront of the computer and taking a lot of medications. It was gone, then came back right after the chinese tournament, going back for tests and they tell me i got to start using my meds again, this is not fun, as the eyes are so important in this game.

As of today im a free agent, my eyes is not a problem anymore, as i have had right treatment and also getting some medications for it,so im ready to play from now and looking for a team to play with. I want to thank everyone that has been supporting me in this time, and i hope the next time i join ill stay for a longer time and improve and show what im capable of.

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