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27th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

YesBackpage = Backpagecredits

JULY 26TH at 3:59PM
From: (NOTE: this email is associated with Backpagecredits)

Subject: yesbackpage

"Ms "Phoenixx"
This is the last time we will bother contacting you directly regarding the slanderous and false claims you make on your website. Remove the content attacking us immediately, or we will initiate legal action that will cost you money, time, your website, and more. Your information is false. Our servers are located in the Netherlands. Your information is on the DNS servers we redirect from. NO information is stored in the US. The ads you sited were removed, as that thread reflects. When a person reports an ad CORRECTLY, as they did not... it is removed when we find abuse. There is over 250k postings, web traffic exceeds 50k visitors a day and growing. The cherry picked information you picked does not reflect the actual daily numbers, as our site analytics prove. We support sexworkers world wide, are proud supporters of SWOP and many other programs. We have helped thousands of providers now, and will continue to. We have refunded money to sexworkers who had money lost when backpage was seized. Your attacks are frankly disgusting. We urge you to do the smart thing and move on. We will expect the posts removed immediately. Yesbackpage."

Scam reports associated the email address,

Article discussing Bitcoin scams and Backpagecredits illegitimacy

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