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27th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

The First Threat Revised

JUNE 22 at 2:49PM

Subject: yesbackpage


Ms Phoenixx,

The above link was brought to our attention.

We would respectfully ask you take it down. We have doen nothign to you.
Risa Jenner is a paid affiliate, and yes, she did run I do know there was issues and complaints. We
have partnered with them and several other credit selling sites.

We operate out of Myrtle Beach Sc and Dhaka Bangledesh. We have no other
ties to backpagecredits.

We were aware of the issues they had, and have addressed them and made
it so it is not possible for the same to happen again with yesbackpage.

Your attack on our site is not correct.

We fell it is important to support each other through these times as
FOSTA makes advertising SW'rs services more difficult and problematic.

So as to prove to you there is no "scam" I would like to offer you $100
in free premium ad credits on

If you look, you will see daily that there is more and more postings,
and more and more traffic. Our advertisers are reporting more calls
coming from the other sites they use, and growing daily.

If however you are simply attacking us as a way to promote croker, we
ask you cease and desist all attacks and remove mention from your
webstie, before we are forced to take action.

There is no reason we cant co-exist, and we have not launched attacks
against any other site, or any other person.

If we are pushed to that point, no one will benefit.

Thank you


Head developer"

..before we are forced to take action."


July 24th 1:27PM

Siddiq emailed me from

i am contacting you regarding the post:

I appreciate your review, however will you take another look about the
server status of YBP? Your article content is outdated and hope you will
review your post by investigating the server info again!" is linked to the following domains...

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