GodMa · @DraMa424

22nd Jul 2018 from TwitLonger


I hate sharing my life with social media but I just hit rock bottom and felt like I had to let you guys know.

As you guys know I love Call of Duty. I grinded so hard this year to show everyone that I was good at CoD and had potential to be a top player. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to grind anymore. 2 days ago my family was Evicted from our home and 4 days before that I was kicked out by my parents. I have no home and no family to stay with. I’m homeless after Champs and am going to have to work multiple jobs to keep on living. Unless a Miracle happens, it looks like I’m done with gaming for a while.

Just wanted to say Sorry to everyone that supported me throughout my career, I had my shot and blew it. I’m really sorry <3 I made so many decisions that ruined what looked like a promising career. It’s all my fault.

Only hope is Champs right now, im going to try my hardest to make that event. Hopefully I can place well enough to put my family back in a home 🤞

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