My departure from FlashpointGG

Good morning,

so as some may have noticed the rest of the former Flashpoint roster are either searching for a new team or a new org.
The same thing goes for me, I'll leave the team/org effective immediately.

It has been a fun journey even though I've not been able to play full time for a while now, working with @FlashpointGG has been a great experience, they are professional, welcoming and friendly people.

I want to thank my former teammates @Deox_R6, @Maunikrip, @Deapek_R6 @Fml_R6S, @ScorpZ_R6 @Craxan_R6, our coaches @MrEnvii and @AlfieValdon and everyone who gave me the chance to play with them and improve personally before ditching me.
Those guys are all great people that helped me get to where I am now.

As for now I'll remain inactive until the 13th of August and then search for a new team to play in a main roster again.

I hope I'll have a good start on the 13th as I'll be able to play regularily again.
Thank you for reading.

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