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19th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

Thank you NRG and the future of DUEL PUBG

The NRG PUBG Team will remain under contract until the end of the month and then be fully released. I would like to thank the NRG ownership and management for the opportunity they gave us to be professional PUBG players. Also, I'd like to give a special thanks to Jaime for all the work he did helping out the team with all of the small things.

Building DUEL from the ground up, getting players that had never played on competitive teams before and going from open qualifiers to top 5 finishes in both Auzom and PUBG Online was a great experience for me. Looking back, this experience helped form me into a better player and leader today even though some things didn't go as planned. I have learned a lot from this going into the future. To Zhnark and Kaymind, I wish you guys the best of luck going forward in your search for a new team.

Pentalol and myself will be free agents in two weeks and will be open to listen to offers, but as of now we plan on continuing the DUEL roster and are currently looking for two players to play with in online leagues (Auzom, PUBGO, GLL). If you're interested, shoot me a twitter or discord DM.

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