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18th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

Looking for team

As of today (18/07/2018) I am officially looking for a new team.

I am a highly motivated and dedicated player with a lot of experience in multiple tournaments and leagues. I am putting many hours into improving myself every day and I am willing to put much work into the team aswell. I have no problems with receiving as well as giving constructive criticism since I'm always striving to improve myself and the team. I am able to compete at T2 level without any issues and I am looking for a team which can do the same.

Player Information:
- 21 years old
- Austrian
- Fluent in German and English
- Available every day for 6+ hours

- Much experience in competitive Rainbow Six (Go4, ESL Benelux League, T3H League, multiple qualifiers)
- LAN experience (2x Benelux LAN)
- Prefer to play Support/Anchor, able to play Fragger if needed.
- IGL experience

- ESL:
- R6DB:

DMs are open, enquiries and RTs are appreciated

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