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15th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

Time for another chapter - leaving mibr and seeking new opportunities

Hey Guys,

my time with mibr sadly comes to an end after working together for 8 months as we mutually discussed that it would be best for us to split ways, there is no bad blood whatsoever and I am more than grateful for what @sk_deadcsgo did for me. He made it possible for me to work with one of the best IGL to ever touch the game in @fallencs from who I learned a ton.
Nobody can take those titles away from us that we won together!! I only hope the best for them especially cause they are not just friends but they are family, especially @coldzera is like a brother for me and I wish him nothing but the best.

Also huge shoutout to @jmrluna and @mirandatwork who treated me like a friend and not just like a working buddy in Cologne.

I previously worked with @TeamLiquid under the wings of @zews who also taught me a lot at the beginning and took me under his wings when I had barely any experience internationally which I will also be grateful for all the time. Thank you zelao!

Quick timeline of where I worked:
January 2015 - November 2016: Alternate Attax
January 2017 - December 2017: Team Liquid
December 2017 - July 2018 : SK Gaming / mibr

Right now I am looking for opportunities in any region (EU,NA), since I worked almost 2 years in a NA timezone I do not mind working late, if no interesting offers come in I will most likely just focus on my masters studies and take a break.

Thanks for all your support and keep supporting the boys over @mibr who I am still really good friends with but it just didn't work out right now.

My DM's are open if interested as well as my mail swaniics@gmail.com

Thanks for your support, RT's appreciated.

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