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15th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

EspiranTo situation.

Going to explain in points on the situation best as possible & what went down.

1. kRYSTAL addition

Yes EspiranTo is correct that he didn't want to bring Kevin in, we needed a dedicated leader so i told him to give him a chance & he did. Right from the start Espi barely spoke in praccs, Kevin tried to give him any role possible but Espi just didn't like the style which i felt was very unfair as Kevin was doing the exact jobs we really missed to progress.

2. Dreamhack Tours

We had 5 days practice with Kevin going here. All went really well at the start we threw vs North but everyone was happy about how the game went overall. HellRaisers game they just outclassed us. I then had a talk with Espi and he said he was done and doesn't want to play anymore, i agree Espi struggled at the start with this style. kRYSTAL and Espi agreed that Espi would give it 1 month with kRYSTALs styles but Espi still had whatever roles he wanted within reason. The biggest problem was just no matter what Kevin did and tried Espiranto from the start would never agree to him in my opinion.

We played an ESEA official around 2 weeks into it and he was full emo all game. Straight after this game i dragged Espi into a talk 1 to 1 & said this won't carry on and i'm fed up of this shit. He instantly said sorry and is going to work on trying harder. I understood the guy is 17 years old in his first big team in which i believe he has the skills to be one of the best in the world.

3. Dreamhack Summer

Espi came to me saying he was going to play his own style. I said yes aslong as you call within reason(don't push places on your own in 5v3's etc). He was cool with it. He had an amazing event his comms/attitude was perfect & the team moods were 20x better. Kevin called a great event i know stats don't mean all but individually he performed very well(Highest IGL stats wise at DHS) since coming in. at the event bar the start of North on T side the difference was no matter what Kevin would always listen to ideas without any problems. Nobody's prefect right?

4. The bench situation

Espi came to us and said it's either him or kRYSTAL in this team. After a few days the team decided it was best to continue with Krystal as he brings the part we lacked badly & felt the attitudes/mood of the team would improve without Espi.

To end things Espiranto is a great player & we had some great times together & i understand his frustrations, he will be a big loss to the side but also the team feel this is the best way forward.

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