Al Hasa oasis in KSA chosen as #UNESCO site and facts #History #Water #Hijrah

Al-Hasa, the ancient oasis region in eastern Saudi Arabia last week received an official world heritage listing by the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (#UNESCO) World Heritage Committee.
An interesting fact on the Al Hasa region is its first connection to the historic connection to the Migration #Hijrah al Hasa oasis was the one that many thought the place of the migration when the Prophet peace be upon him first heard of The Order to migrate to an oasis, as its description as a place of abundant water and palms was conveyed till he name Yathrib, Taibah and Medina (known by over 100 names since) were conveyed and the# Hijrah was mandated. The Hijrah is now the basis that marks the Muslim lunar calendar.
Inhabited since prehistoric times the region is knowns for abundance of water resources-natural fresh-water springs in an otherwise arid area. It is foremostly also known for its historical agricultural practices and water management systems. Al-Hasa currently represents 20% of Saudi Arabia’s agricultural area and is home to the world’s largest date #palm oasis.
Over 100,000 tons of dates are produced each year from as many as 3 million palm trees. Date fruits from the region as well as from #Medinah are a staple food and are given in charity the world over.

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