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I've thought long and hard about typing this for a long time now.
Recently, a lot has been on my mind, and I will shed some light on it.
What kind of player am I? Why did Property drop us? Are we sticking together?

For a long time I have been one of the most dedicated semi-pro CS:GO players in the scene,
I always thought long and hard about the critique I receive, and I always try to find ways to improve myself.

I put in a lot of hours practicing, watching demos and even listening to documentaries on leadership & psychology. I do all of this because I want to become one of the best in the world, and pursue my dream.

It just seems that I always end up on teams where motivation is short-lived, and eventually the team starts slacking. I really believed in my teammates, and believed that as a leader, I could make a difference. But I have recently came to the realisation that I could not always make a difference.

After deciding our team needed roster changes, we contacted Team Property to make a roster change.

We wanted Znajder to join, but this backfired as Znajder wasn't sure about our lineup, and instead convinced Property to create a new team with him. Because of our poor performance they decided to be "nice" and gave us compensation for our last few months before cutting us early from the roster, which isn't even legally possible with our contracts. No one in the roster wanted to take legal action against Property, and afterwards our roster parted ways on good terms.

My future looks uncertain right now. I feel deceived and sad. Failure seems to come as soon as we start making serious progress. Starting new projects is a long and grim process which erases all the previous progress made. It feels like both Tempo Storm & Property failed for all the wrong reasons.

At the moment, I plan to find a team that wants to put in the work that is necessary to achieve success. In the past, I have always set up other players for success by going first, throwing nades, or by creating space. I still have that same mentality to do anything to win. I simply want to find a team that shares that same attitude and does not take me for granted.

The truth is, I, Linus "Limpone" Wecksell, am a hard working, self-made team player, ready to do anything to win. I am tired of being let down and am now looking for a new team to achieve success with. I am currently seeking opportunities in NA/EU.

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