Michael · @Straxmorz

10th Jul 2018 from TwitLonger

Leaving Taboo CS

I've decided to leave the @TabooESC CSGO team. I felt the change was needed for both the team and myself.

It's been a pleasure playing with all the boys and I hope they continue to improve and grow as a team. From being some noobs in CGm, winning CGi and qualifying for CGp. It's been a long journey but my part of it has come to an end.

As for me I plan to keep playing and improving and I'll be looking for a new team to grind out comps with and I'm keen to start trialing for teams asap.

DM/Add me on steam if you'd like to talk.

love u all xx @niggyman21 @apocdud @Skullhunter_TB @Jinxx_TB @The_DirtyBoi @HarrisKrajisnik

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