Berzerk and I are parting ways

Hello there,
after 1.5 month Berzerk and I go separate ways.

I think telling the reasons publicly is not anything wrong in this case, I think it's ok to say what was ok and what wasn't.

The main reason was just my performance and then performance of the team overall.
The other one is just a situation when it comes to me going 1-10 statswise.
I often was sad about my performance during a game and even though I didn't speak about it during the game the others noticed it because I've been becoming more quiet and have been stopping to call as detailed as I normally do because there always was a thought in my mind that if I do not start killing people, it will all fall apart. This is definitelly something I need to work on asap but I hope saying this publicly will make it easier for me to fix it.

I do not really want to search for any excuses at all but I think we simply did not have the right players for the ingame style preffered by the team. I feel like I could not fit in the constellation while I should've probably been the main fragger for the team and even though you always lose as a team I often felt like I was losing the matches, which in many cases was the sad truth unfortunatelly. I've played terrible and I did not feel confident from the start of the season. It was definitelly not about my aim, I don't really know what it was but the feeling was weird.
Then it comes to our training which simply was not enough for me. I'm very hungry of success and I want to play as much as possible. Unluckily it was just very straitened due to other peoples work etc. Shit happens but I do not wanna blame the team at any case! It was my decision to join afterall and I knew the circumstances.

After I went on my vacation (which could not be canceled because I ordered the tickets over 6 months ago) the team was forced to use a stand in for 1 week.
Badshah, our 6th guy filled the spot.
While I was on vacation the team noticed they were having better results with him and they simply made the decision to remove me from the active lineup. I fully understand the decision.

I'm very thankful to tahsin and solek for always having time to speak with me when I needed a chat and thank you solek for letting me a freedom about my contract! It really matters a lot to me. I had a very good relationship with the whole team (at least I felt like it was that way) and I was happy to be given that opportunity and it was always cool to play with you guys.

With that being said I'm a free agent.
I'm still very hungry of success and I'm able to play every existing role in an German Polish or International team. / fulltime is possible aswell.
I definitelly need 4 people that want to invest their lives and work hard with some exact goals to achieve. Every different option is not going to be taken serious, I'm sorry.

Feel free to contact me there:

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