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Ivory Aisle statement on Motions Tour update

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tl;dr Megat Salleh who was hired to organize Ivory Aisle's Motions Tour, was found to be mishandling the money entrusted upon him, also caught trying to pull off shady stuff behind our backs and because of that, the Motions Tour in its current form has to be dropped. We are looking into reorganizing the tour from scratch under completely new management. The show must go on.

We really wanted to avoid calling you out, but our name is tarnished because of what you pulled, and there are people and friends who are upset with us as a result; this post is justified to clear the air.


A while ago, we announced the album launch tour, Ivory Aisle's Motions Tour. The band had hired egat Salleh, to organize this show for us because of his then-impressive track record in organizing I, Revival's Final Show. He promised us a lot of cool things - social media promotion, graphics and videos, news coverage, basically everything, which sounded good to us at the time. He assured us that everything was going according to plan; all the venues have been booked (an official poster with the venue list and dates was released, so it all seemed legit, right?!), so we thought all was good.

But as time went on, it became apparent that he didn't really honour his responsibilities - there was no social media hype, took him forever to update us on anything regarding the event. We had him contact the opening acts to book them for the shows, and we kept reminding him but apparently he never contacted them.

Several attempts have been made to get proof that he booked the venues but he only sent a Maybank transaction for 1 venue. After some digging around, we found out that - out of the 4 venues slated for the tour - one of them will only accept full payment (no deposits) - money which we have NOT given him, so that's already proof that the venue hasn't been booked yet. And the other venue, he claimed that he got us a "special deal", but we found out from a more reliable source that said deal is completely different from what the venue actually offered. To cut a long story short, he was going to quote us a sum that would totally go into his pockets, on TOP of the true deal that this venue has cut for him.

If all of that was difficult to follow, here's a summary: he was not being transparent with where the money went. After some asking around, we discovered that whatever he claims does not match the truth.

But wait, there's more. He suddenly messaged us asking to pay a RM xxx for "graphics design". Let's ignore the fact for a second that we now have to fork xxx bucks to pay for like... what, 1 poster? We were not kept up to date on this, suddenly he asks for more money. This time, we got smart, tracked down the person who was apparently tasked with the job, and after speaking with that person, they agreed to a much, much lower rate. Now imagine if we proceeded without checking... whew! This is more evidence that he's trying to skim the money.

All this, on top of the underwear scandal, have made us decide that this dude is no good for us, and therefore we will not be involved with him any longer. Unfortunately, this also means that the Motions Tour, as advertised before, has to be cancelled... HOWEVER we are still very much interested in doing the show, and we have been in talks with a much more reputable and reliable organizer who's agreed to help us.

What all this means is, the Motions Tour will still go on, but under a fresh new coat of paint, new management, and more dates added. We are working very closely with the new organizer and we can assure you, this time, things look WAY more efficient and will be revealing the details of that as soon as we can.

We'd like to apologize to the other bands involved with us for the tour, but we would like you all to join us for the re-branded Motions Tour, and we are also looking to add more bands to the roster.

Thank you, and we hope to see you there!


Kalau anda masih ingat, kami ada buat announcement tentang album launch tour Ivory Aisle, Motions Tour, beberapa minggu yg lepas. Kami bayar Megat Salleh sebagai organizer untuk event ini. Sebab kami tengok hasil kerja dia cun ketika dia organize I, Revival Final Show, so kami pun percaya la kat dia. Dia janji macam2... hype social media, promotion, graphics, videos, interviews, macam2 la. Lagi pun dia dah release official poster, siap dah tulis tarikh dan venue semua... so benda nampak macam ON.

Tapi sebenarnya bila diperhatikan... dia ni macam tak berapa nak laksanakan tanggungjawab yg telah dijanjikan. Social media krik2. Nak minta update apa2 ttg event memang sampai berjanggut tunggu. Member sepi je. Opening acts yg sepatutnya dia contact supaya boleh dimuatkan dalam slot opening pun sampai kesudah tak di-contact.

Dah banyak kali kami cuba minta bukti yg venue2 telah di-book, tapi payah sungguh nak dapat material dari dia. Yg dapat pun 1 je la transaction Maybank. So kami buat la kaji selidik sikit. Dalam 4 venue yg confirm tu, 1 venue tu memang minta full payment. Jumlah payment ini kami tak bagi lagi pun duitnya. Bermakna nampak sangat venue tu sebenarnya belum book lagi. Lagi 1 venue pula, konon2nya dia boleh dapatkan harga special untuk kami. Tapi setelah kami dapat info dari sumber yang lebih sahih, sebenarnya deal yg konon2 "special" tu dgn deal yg venue tersebut berikan sebenarnya sangat berbeza. So maknanya, Megat dah cuba nak pau kitorang duit untuk venue ni yg sebenarnya bukan tu pun harga dia. Deal yg sebenarnya antara dia dan venue ni, itu lain pula, dan dia akan cekup juga deal lagi satu tu.

Kalau susah nak follow, senang cerita macam ni je la: si Megat ni langsung tak telus tentang belanjawan tour ni. Segala gerak geri dia memang mencurigakan.

Latest punya, tak pasal2 tiba2 dia mintak RM xxx, suruh bayar graphic designer. Ok, pertama ... baru 1 poster release takkan macam tu pun kena bayar RM xxx. Dah la kami tak di-inform atau diberi apa2 update tentang issue ini. Tapi kali ni, kami cuba cari graphic designer ni dan kami berjaya contact dia secara direct. Setelah talk dgn dia, dia setuju payment yg jauh lebih rendah dari RM xxx. Nampak tak, sikit lagi kena game.

So kami dah buat keputusan - dah la dengan skandal curi seluar dalam dia baru2 ni - kami tak boleh berkerja dgn si Megat ni. Kami dah takmau involve apa2 dgn dia. Jadi, kami terpaksa cancel event Motions Tour seperti yg tetera sebelum ini. TAPI jangan risau. Kami STILL tetap nak go on dengan tour ini, so kami buat keputusan untuk cari management baru.

Kami telah pun berjumpa dengan organizer baru ini dan setakat ini, semua perbincangan berjalan dengan lancar. Organizer baru ini ada track record membuat show2 yg amat berjaya, so kami sangat confident dengan management baru ni.

Kami ingin memohon maaf kepada band2 yg involved dgn Motions Tour yg lama, tapi kami harap korang boleh join the Motions Tour baru, under management baru. Kami juga akan menambah lineup untuk tour baru ini, so hopefully kali ini event ni lagi meriah.

Terima kasih, dan jumpa di show nanti!

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