Apology for the mess today.

Today i did something really stupid, I told my allies in the game something very bad which was unacceptable and i have no excuses for doing it. At first I didn't realise what I just said, but when I saw the reddit post i felt overwhelmed, worried and ashamed. This day and this game that I just played today caused me to reevaluate how to act in the game from now on, I promise you will never see anything like this from me again. I understand i have responsibility to the dota community, and I admit i've said and done bad things in this beautiful game ( which i don't appreciate sometimes). I will try my best to be a better person in my games, instead of being an asshole like i was today. Sorry to everyone, and especially to the Russian community. i hope you will keep posting threads about this kind of behaviour. I'm gonna work very hard for this change and stay in positive mind in my games. I wanna learn how to be role model the community deserves.

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