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23rd Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

Coaching CS:GO & Updates

It’s been a while since I’ve shared what has been occupying my time post-CLG and I've had a few people ask to confirm some things given my visibility in game the past couple of days, so here’s an update.

Going back several months, I started to work as an analyst/assistant coach for the Detroit Renegades alongside Kassad (remotely, not at the team house) to game plan and prepare for upcoming opponents for the online leagues and LAN events.

I found that while working with Kassad the team produced solid results, and I was excited to see the progress we were making, eventually climbing into the top 10 on HLTV. Kassad was easy to work with and the team seemed to be doing well—which was why it came as a shock to me when they decided to part ways.

After Kassad's departure, the management team told me they’d be talking to the players internally and would be interested in trying me out for the head coach position. That trial began this week, as I was able to sit in on a few scrims with the squad.

Tomorrow morning I will be flying out to the Renegades team house for a few days of practice before attending ESL Cologne, and then the Asia Minor with the team.

No certainty if this will be a long term/permanent thing, but I’m grateful for the opportunity, eager to get to work, and hope to make the Renegades faithful proud.


P.S. I will be attempting to use my Instagram a ton during the trip, so come troll me there



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