21st Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

GODSENT bids Farewell

Every journey has an end, and sometimes thats not an easy thing to accept. Its been over 2 years since GODSENT showed up in the CSGO scene, an organization created from scratch by Markus "pronax" Wallsten and Tomas Oropesa Martin. As of today GODSENT is officialliy ceasing all operations.

Today is a bitter-sweet day. On one hand we are happy to be able to look back and proudly say we believe we have achieved something special within the beautiful game of CS:GO and its scene. We have brought up uprising swedish talent that is currently playing in the maximum level of CSGO. We have left our small footprint inside the game for the history books, and we have contributed in shaping the current Swedish scene . On the other hand, we feel that GODSENT will always be our baby, our passion, so it is sad knowing we have to let it go for now.

This decition was taken unanimously by all the parties involved in the management of GODSENT, and we believe it was the best solution for everyone involved.

Over this past years we have had legendary CSGO players join our ranks, we want to sincerely thank everysingle player that has played under GODSENT´s banner. We want to thank everyone that has been part of the organization, we also want to thank Rfrsh for providing the resources to keep the organization running.

To our fans and to all those which supported GODSENT, THANK YOU!!! so much from the bottom of our hearts, its been a priviledge to have you so close throughout this journey.

We hope that one day our illuminati looking logo will once again take everyone by surprise, but until then all we can say is; Farewell friends, much love.

Markus & Tomas

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