yo, the end of ENVY

Hey everyone, I usually don't express myself too much on social media but this is an important part of my career as the end of envyus has been pronounced.

I'm not going to go the drama way as it's not my way of doing things, the first and the most important thing I want to highlight is how awesome Mike has been with us. He has supported me and the team through thick and thin, lifting trophies and exiting in groupstages. It really is a shame that we haven't been able to perform and therefore losing the interest of this organisation which has been nothing but incredible to us. I remember when we all signed our contracts, we were really proud and we achieved many things throughout my nearly 4 years playing under these colours. I hope that one day you will decide to come back with a great line up and have even more sucess than we did. I won't forget the moments we shared, winning a major, being a top team, afterparties, you pushing us to the top and you pushing us to be better all the time. Again, I want to thank you, you and all the people working at envy, it really was awesome seeing you in the U.S. I also want to thanks Jordan, we shared all those moments and despite how it ended, I know you are one of our first fan, the energy you brought definitely had a unique impact, I hope you will find a team that will benefit from your skills and personality. A wink to the only 2 coachs I ever had, Enkay and Damien.

Now to the spicy stuff ... jk, it's common knowledge that we had differences in game as it has been stated clearly in some of the tweets I read. We have been throught a lot of things, swapping roles myself included, giving more responsabilities, playing more strict, more lose, with a lot of execs or straight out rushs ... We never caught a break, as very little did work. That part is on me, for the most of it, as I think it is the IGL responsability to be efficient and come up with a system, or a way of doing things, that simply works. It never came with this team, we did have some sucess, some decent bo1s, but nothing impressive or consistent enough to call ourselves a real team. I could argue that motivation has been within the team somewhat chaotic for rather long period of times, we simply couldn't be a unit of 5, motivated, in shape, ready to give everything and I deplore that. We did have the potential, with both line ups. If we had find a better way of communicating, and agreeing, I still believe all that potential could have given birth to a decent team. I do believe some of the reasons are still a mystery, but what's done is done, I just have to learn from it. I wish all my former team mates (quiet a few now) to find what they are looking for in this game.

I won't extend even if I could. Now is a new time for me, as it's been a long time since I've found myself teamless. I'm open to every offers that may come up from envy folding, as I'm officialy now a free agent. I'm also open to having an international team. I often stated privately that French was the only way to go, but my mind changed, and I do believe success can come from any team regardless of nationalities. I do think I still have something to bring to a team success, wether as a simple player with a voice, or an IGL. I couldn't explain it, but my hunger for winning is still here, higher than ever.

A final word to all the fans of team ENVY around the world, you guys were the best, and I hope you will follow me into my next adventures, thank you, and our sponsors, for enabling me playing this game that I love. And of course, please forgive me for the probable bad englando in all this writing.

RT's are obviously appreciated, my DM will be open for the meantime, you can also contact me at this adress :


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