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21st Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

Kenith 2 cents on EPIC post.

Obviously EPIC's post isn't specific enough for us to know enough as to what changes will be made. However, we CAN assume possible updates. Based on EPIC's wording, "Not every encounter should have to end in a build-off." & "We are exploring changes to weapon balance and resource economy, like e.g. resource caps.", it is reasonable to assume that they're looking to nerf the material caps. However, it is only an assumption and it is more than possible that they add new items, change zone works, objectives etc. instead of touching material caps negatively, in order to have less build fights. But anyways, in the case that material caps ARE nerfed, I don't believe it'll be the end of the world. A 500 Material cap sounds fine as long as they drastically increase the rate in which materials are gathered. Let me point this out first, in a build battle between two insane people, the one who has the high ground almost never loses it, forcing the other to turtle. With 999+ mats, the one turtling will never have to leave comfort zone basically. But with something along the lines of 500, they can only hold turbo for so long before running out. If someone starts turtling after a fight, and decided to just inch into zone by turtling as well, they will 100% run out of mats.So they would want to leave for more mats. Turtling will get them killed. This is a plus. Also, if EPIC does decide to lower mat caps, and hopefully increase mat gain, this means there will be far less farming involved. Every player in the game wont just farm till end game. Atleast in pubs, people will start rotating out and running around more. ALSO, after a fight that maybe took all your mats, it'll take less time to farm up to a comfortable level. So you would be punished less for being agressive. ALSO ( i know so many ), less mat caps, means people won't want to waste 200+ mats on building 1x1's. 1x1's will become smaller. Of course all of this is just theory, but after some discussion and thought, I think this update could possibly save the game. As long as it's pushed out properly, (drastic increase to mat gain). Also EPIC, please, push out a Test Server, so updates can be tweaked to perfection, and everyone is satisfied.Please avoid pushing out an update that could Kill / Save the game without a test server.

TL;DR: Go read it u nerd :)
PS: If there's any grammatical errors, i can't be bothered to fix monkaS. Please forgive.

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