A sincere thank you to the Norwegian OWWC candidates

I just want to start off by thanking everyone who took part in the 2018 Norwegian OW WC tryouts, this has been so much fun.

I was personally very impressed with the level of play during our inhouses and scrims. I hope everyone that took part will bring something with them to their teams or their communities that will help strengthen Norwegian Overwatch as a whole. There were a lot of new names that impressed me a lot, their drive and skill was truely remarkable. I was also impressed by the older names that are still managing to keep up with the competition.

Lastly I want to say to everyone that didn't make it this year that I hope you all use this as motivation for next years World Cup.

Thank you
Tanks: Seim, Spx, Bacontheif, Zappy og Decod
Offtanks / Flex: Tricky, Zorr7, Duni, Epicmouse, Kimmah, Rikku og Crow
Dps: Nuggetcooker, Fawad, Magician, Yiqids, Goodest, Pysch0, Frost, Onigod, Track, Invision og Razaplaza
Support: Iko, Poz, Ipn, Melk, Ludoo, Leo, Valen, Trob, Freddey, Ekko, Henkii, Pichuka og Summer

And a special thanks to Pichuka, Overtime, AverageJonas, Lama and Wilmann that have helped me during the process.

I apologize if I forgot any names.

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