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20th Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

Few reasons why

To clarify the situation, I'm not here to shit on anyone, I'm here to explain the truth and what happened.

I'll start from when I joined Envy few months ago motivated like ever to make this team a better team but I realized very quickly that It wouldn't happen for those reasons :
- The atmosphere inside the team (player wise) was already weird, it wasn't healthy for building a great teamplay.
- It was always a fight for the decisions (ingame etc...) between the igl and the players.
- More than 50% of the players didn't agree with the playstyle we were using and how the players were used.

We tried as a team many things to make Envy a better team, we tried to follow the way of the igl and nothing else, we tried to share the decisions, we swapped roles, we had many discussions as a team to try to resolve what was wrong but we never managed to really find out the issue.
The first thing who has been made was to remove the coach who was getting in conflict with how the igl was seeing the game (the way we should play) so we could be a unit following one voice.
Straight after this decision, we had a bootcamp of 9-10 days with the EPL Relegation to improve our game with a new attittude and the rage of winning. The two first days were going smooth, everything went fine in-game as we were winning our praccs and everyone was happy. As soon as we started to struggle in-game, the motivation started to go down and everyone was trying to correct every tiny mistakes in the way we played (not in a good way, some could have been avoided, some are just CS, some were not even mistakes).
As everyone know, It wasn't great, we didn't really improve, everything was the same, the players felt like we did not get used as our full potential, we felt forced to do stuff that we didn't agree on, the alchemy wasn't here at all.

Even with those problems, we gave ourself a last shot at DH Tours but everyone had in mind that It could be our last tournament as a team, the struggle was going on for too long and we couldn't see a way out of it without making any changes or something drastic.

We are now playing with xms and SIXER for Asia Championships Shanghai for few reasons :
- The players decided to remove Happy from this roster for being part at some degree to the reasons mentionned above.
- RpK didn't want to play with us for this tournament and wanted to have a small break after all this fighting within the team to try to fix everything.

We are now going to this tournament with the lineup as myself as an in-game leader, ScreaM, hAdji, SIXER and xms for @TeamEnVyUs and why I'm taking the role of igl is mainly to show the others how it could be without Happy. All the players mentionned above had the same igl for a while now and don't know what it is to play under another one. I do know this is a big thing for us and a big challenge for me since it's a big role to take and a lot of responsabilities to have.
I will not be able to do this on my own, the players fully trust me to get a good last result as part of @TeamEnVyUs and we are giving everything we have since. We are actually in bootcamp since the 5 of June until the tournament.

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