Sad news and website Changes regarding PUBG

Bad news have come our way in the past days. A Legal Manager at PUBG Corporation has contacted us concerning some images and usage of PUBG logos, requesting them to get removed from the website.
Upon complying to the request he further pointed out that our usage of the mark(s) "PUBG" is not wanted, showing screenshots of our game categories, footer and the wardrobe which says "Create and share PUBG outfits".

The complete current list of things we are using/covering on the website that are not wanted:

- The letters "PUBG"
- Item images
- data mining

While Datamining is a reasonable request to disallow, if they want to keep things secret, the other requests seem very strange and would basicly disallow every website even remotely covering PUBG.

How are we supposed to provide a database of skins without letting the user know what game we are covering?
How is any website supposed to cover this game at all?

We are fans of the game, otherwise we wouldn't be covering it but at this point it seems clear to us that PUB Corp. does not want this website to exist or cover their game.
The fact that more points have been added after we complied to the first request shows that PUBG Corp. is searching for reasons to get rid of us.

From our view they are shooting themselves in the foot with these requests as we are providing a better overview over the skins than they ever did, help players decide what skins to buy with the wardrobe and provide direct links to the Steam marketplace so they can buy them, generating income for PUBG Corp.

It seems that we have reached a point where lawsuits and legally threatening fan-services is more important than providing great services, maybe we'll see some of our features like the wardrobe ingame at some point.

What does that mean for Skin-Tracker?
The worst nightmares have come true, we have to stop covering PUBG for now and will close all sites regarding it. We were given a short deadline of 4 days (ending June 20th 2018) to comply to the requests and will do so.
Furthermore we are going to search for ways we can re-enable PUBG browsing in the future with all or most of the features while staying safe legally.
We will keep you updated.

Thank you for all the support! It's great to have a small dedicated community so supporting and excited about skins.

Stairwave from Skin-Tracker

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