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15th Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

Are we forced to disband?

Hey the title is a bit shocking as we have no intention of disbanding but need to raise awareness of this issue our team currently has.

Mindfreak currently have an open spot on our Hots roster. One of our players will be stepping down to pursue other commitments next season. I won't mention who it is as there will be an official announcement later when we get back home.

We are in a predicament as we have been busy lately - overseas twice in the last month, in Brazil and Sweden for a total of around 27days. We have been out of the country for the entire roster acquisition period and won't even be back in Australia before the next ANZ HGC season starts.

We have previously raised the concern with the admins that its hard to pick up players while overseas but just got told to "not worry" and just focus on competing as they would make some sort of extension or exception for us which we didn't really understand what was going to happen at the time but we didn't worry as we were told.

We have just finished competing in MSB as of yesterday as we have been eliminated so we are now trying to sort out our fifth member for next season.
The problem now is we are told all the other teams are "locked in" but we are allowed to pick up players.

We have contacted several teams in which we have players that we are interested in to avoid poaching issues but the point of contact in these teams answer with a hard no saying they have no interest in giving up any player.

I can understand teams not wanting to give up their players obviously but I think the situation is very unfair for both those players and our team. I can't help but think that a couple of days ago before the acquisition period ended a ton of players would have jumped at the opportunity to trial for our team as Mindfreak would have made a very competitive offer - play for the top team and sponsorship(gear salary bootcamp etc) which no other team offers afaik.

You might ask why we didn't pick anyone up during the official period?
Well for one - we were in Sweden the entire roster change period from start to finish competing at MSB. Were we meant to pick someone up without even playing the game with them once?
Two - we were busy as hell everyday the schedule was from morning to late night 10-11pm going back and forth from the studio venue. Also the timezone difference makes it impossible. By the time we get back to the hotel it would be 6am in Australia.
Three - we were told by the tournament organizers to not worry as they would somehow accomodate us.

What do we do now?
Whats stopping players from leaving other team to join ours?
I find it hard to agree that it is poaching if players from these teams that don't even have a twitter page and have no contracts with their players because they don't offer them anything want to leave and join our team now that they know there's a spot available. I don't think theres anything stopping you from leaving your team if you haven't signed a contract. The owner/captain of your team is being selfish and denying you a better opportunity.

I am going to put most of the blame on whoever scheduled the ANZ tournament. Why is the roster change period during MSB? Who thought it was a good idea to lock all the other teams rosters except ours? It makes no sense to lock different teams at different times. Why does the ANZ season 2 start before MSB finishes? Why are we punished for winning and going overseas?

This is very frustrating and I can't think of a way to fix it. It is not our fault the tournament starts in 3days and we are still in Sweden.
Please don't suggest things like "oh you can just pick up a random open division player that you have never practiced with thats not on a current premier team" because thats not the point.
Why aren't we given the same opportunity as other teams?

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