Now that twitter has calmed down and people can see this tweet a little more clearly..... This is not a joke. I mentioned last week that I will not be running SOB on Wednesday or TMM on Thursday any longer. There is no tournament tomorrow or Thursday. This is not some attempt to gain a few more entries or scare people into coming. There really is NO TOURNAMENT tomorrow. I can only apologize to the few that attend and still offer free casuals for those 2 days if you care to stop by. I honestly did all that was in my power and cannot force people to join our tournaments.

As for the future of our weeklies, things are very much still up in the air. As long as the cubicles and set ups are still here, I will consider running weeklies again if there is more interest. But once they are gone I will not go back to that business model. I gave it a run for over 2 months and spent a lot of time and money to keep things moving along and strive for growth. Well, the money spending part kept going, but the growth did not. The most frustrating part of all this was the fact that just about every week there was a new player or two. Had those people kept attending, we would easily have over 20 players a week and things would still be going nicely. But, with an average of under 16 players for every tournament we run weekly, this was not a something that could last. I put every dollar of these tournaments back into the tournament. I gave away a ton of shirts, some days of free entry, prizes, and a ton of my time to top it off. It just wasn't happening at this time and the plug had to be pulled.

Once again thanks to everyone who helped me on a week in and week out basis. Sherry, Josh, Aldrin, and my staff who busted their ass on tourney nights to help me out. I'm sorry if I missed anyone but trust me when I say I am very thankful for everyone's attendance and support. Things might come back in the near future but if they don't, please visit Super Arcade and remember that we do genuinely care. And on a couple final notes :

Don't start with the bs about "oh I can't wait till Super comes back" or "I'm gonna go there all the time and support" and "f*ck eSports, we love Super" lines. You had 2 months to show up. You either didn't care enough to or it just wasn't your flavor. No need to lie to me or yourself, it is what it is. And another good line was "hey Watson, if you need anything I got you....." Yeah, you got me all right. There's a couple people that let me down hard but that's a story for another day. Gotta keep positive focus and work on supporting games and communities that love us back here at Super Arcade. Until next time!

M. Watson

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