My departure from ENCE to PENTA sports

Let me first say that i want to give all my respect and appreciation to Willkey, Bounssi and Protax. Without them i would not be where i am today and it has been an unforgottable journey, i wish all the best for these guys in the future.

Also huge props to UUNO who came in to ENCE right before invitationals and showed that he belongs on the pro scene and i believe he will go very far in his career, this guy deserves to be in it for sure.

I also need to give my thanks to ENCE for the support they gave us and especially Natu for giving alot of good advice and insight on things for esports.

That being said this might not be a surprise to many of you. I will be joining PENTA Sports as their fifth for Proleague, this was not an easy transfer by any means and the PENTA players and coach fought hard for me and managed to make it happen which i cannot appreciate enough and i'm more than excited because i've been friends with these guys for a long time now and wanted to play with them somewhere down the line and now it's happening! :D

Seeing how well we managed to do with just a week of practice as me being the sub for Atlantic city and how amazing our chemistry was this was the most logical choice for me + it allows me to get back into Proleague.
I'm looking forward to what we can do as a team now that we can fully practice with this lineup and i'm highly optimistic to what we can achieve as a team. We've already started work for next season and the Paris major and i'm ready to win!

This will be a new chapter in my career which i'm oh so excited and motivated for and it allows me to start fresh with a new team which i feel like i needed.

Thanks to everyone for the support throughout the last year and let's make this one even better! <3


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