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8th Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

Next chapter.

I want to start off by saying thank you to everyone who supported me through this dream. I seriously cannot thank each and everyone one of you enough. To just have a voice, even if it was small compared to most, was absolutely humbling. I tried to use it for good and I hope that others see me as a good person always wanting to do the right thing but we are all human at the end of the day. I thank the people who will continue to support me after reading this. Thank you to my friends that I met through gaming. There are too many to list but you know who you are if you're reading this. Thank you for helping me through hard times in my life, pushing me to be a better person and player. I also want to thank all of the organizations I have represented over the past 4 years. Thank you for EVERYTHING you guys did for me. Traveling the country and even able to go out of the country EXPENSE free was truly a blessing that a lot of players overlook. I am forever grateful for those opportunities and will always cherish the memories I have made at those events. I wish I could have done more before I quit but unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for me. I am quitting not just call of duty but gaming in general. Not because I don't enjoy it anymore because trust me, I do. But as you guys know I am a Christian. I try to put God at the center of everything I do but like I stated earlier we are all humans and make mistakes. Sometimes I cuss, sometimes I make mistakes but that's okay. I have been considering joining the Marines for a few years now but always felt like it wasn't the right time and obviously, you need to be a certain age to join anyways. After graduating high school I felt that God was calling me to something greater, to be apart of something greater. I want to fight for those who don't have a voice. I want to fight for the people who cannot fight for themselves. That is why I feel that for me, the Marines will fit me perfectly. I will miss everyone in the gaming scene and I know we are a pretty toxic community but when someone is in need there is no other community greater than us. We come together to help others when we need to and put our differences aside. I will be enlisting this week and going to PT training twice a week until October where I will be shipped off to boot camp for 13 weeks. I will still be apart of the gaming community and for the time being streaming and having fun with my friends apart of it. Thank you to everyone who has supported me through this crazy adventure.

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