Rainbow Six - English Version

Since its foundation, YeaH Gaming has as philosophy motivate, inspire and lead the best experience for our audience, Players and staff.

As much as we love electronic sports, we always seek the best solutions and opportunities for those who are part of the Organization.

With our Rainbow Six roster wasn’t any different. Even with our inexperience in the scenario, we seek the best for everyone, requesting feedback and establishing a direct channel between the responsible ones for the decisions and Players, to be a beneficial experience for both parties.

We admit flaws in some aspects, but we always listened to the needs of those involved looking up to fix them by avoiding committing them again.

Thus, we remedy and within our possibilities, offering numerous solutions. Unfortunately, we also faced issues due to commitment from the Players, but at no time did we end our contracts or did we close doors, as we believe we can, through dialogue evolve and grow mutually.

Every story has different sides, so we admit our faults and we can say we learned a lot from them, evolving as a company and as a Group. On the other hand, we showed the players where they went wrong, as we also expect them also grow and learn as professionals.

We thank our Partners for the prompt service and for always being with us, solving problems and seeking for solutions.

Of course, we could not forget to thank our Players for the season we spent together. Not everything went as planned, but it was very beneficial, and we wish you nothing but maturity and success along your careers.

We also know that the lives of those who work in e-sports have many sacrifices, in all spheres, but we will continue to work towards a healthy environment, growth and responsibility for of those who are a part of the Organization.

We appreciate the care of all who accompany us, and we’ll be together fulfilling dreams, building and evolving our history.

Team YeaH! Gaming

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