Fake news and the 'murder' of Arkady Babchenko

What would you do, if you are Arkady Babchenko? Would you play a trick to save your life? Would you cooperate with Ukrainian state security?

Strange thing: why walk out of the morgue and into a press conference only two days later? Why expose yourself that soon? Is that for your family's sake?

Another question: do you think Babchenko committed suicide? Or did he immunize himself against Russian assassination for the long term?

Last question: why does Moscow use political assassination so freely? Do the killers there believe the return is worth the cost? They obviously do, or they would not kill so many people.

The problem with fake news is, no one knows what it is. News cannot be fake. It is only news.

Journalist who faked death: I didn't want to share Skripal's fate


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