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1st Jun 2018 from TwitLonger

In Full Bloom

My time with Toronto Esports has been full of irreplaceable lessons and memories I will cherish for a lifetime, but with Toronto Esports having finished our Overwatch Contenders 2018 Season 1 run (and the Overwatch League inaugural season slowly winding down to its final phases) I am announcing that I am currently seeking opportunities and exploring other coaching and analytic possibilities.

My goal with Toronto Esports was always to create a united team that fans, local or otherwise, could be proud to cheer on in our battles. Our roster composed of Dalton, Nero, Axxiom, Guardian, Shu, and Kruise have all exemplarily shown that they are players rightfully deserving of consideration as potential Overwatch League recruits next season. I believe I am leaving Toronto Esports capable of saying that we are the best team with Canadian origins, and have proven to hold our own against the best of the best.

I am able to leave the organization knowing that my successor will have the privilege of working with an outstanding group of young men that are dedicated, tested, and remarkable teammates. As runner-ups with a world of experience, and the lessons that accompany the taste of defeat, I have no doubt that the Toronto Esports players and brand will continue to succeed and evolve moving forwards.

Thank you to everyone involved over at the Boston Uprising, our partners, and extended family.
Thank you to everyone who has cheered for me, the staff, the players, and Toronto Esports as a whole. Please continue to send all your love and support to all involved in both organizations!

To any teams looking to bolster themselves,

As a member of the industry that is accustomed and comfortable in adopting a position of leadership, I am looking to contribute and build upon a passionate organization that will strive to develop and capitalize on present and future esports talent.

My résumé and cover letter are available upon request, and my inbox on all platforms are open.

Here's to the future.

Ronald "Renanthera" Ly

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