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30th May 2018 from TwitLonger

Going Free Agent (RTs/Favs Appreciated)

Well there’s no easy way to come to the recent conclusion. But I decided to remove myself from the current “Dare Rising PUBG” roster and am going Free Agent.

I wanted to first thank my team mates for the greatest competitive roster I’ve ever participated with over my 10 years of esports personality wise. I’ve made lifelong friends. Publically want to say thank you to Cover and Fear for accepting me into the team as fast as they did. Unfortunately we just couldn’t qualify for a LAN or bring home the big win for a tournament together. This wasn’t an easy decision but one I figured to be the best.

From here on out I will be accepting and seeking all available offers in the PUBG competitive scene to further my career and wish my friends/fellow prior teammates the best in their PUBG careers. Reaching out to me will be entirely confidential.

Retweets and Favorites are extremely appreciated! Thank you for reading!

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