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27th May 2018 from TwitLonger

Statement to our Call of Duty Team

Good evening dear fans,

With great regret we have to send you this statement and ask for your understanding. All @NordicOrg management teamed up for a pitch meeting last night after our Call of Duty Main team did a terrible job in the @VALHQ playoffs, which was crowned 3-2 against @BRASHesports lost.

Internally, it took a lot of time to think about how to go on with such a team after we had a hard setback, when the then player Nevo left the team and the organization and for a long time there was no full team. We had to consider whether, after investing in Birmingham and Seattle, we would like another investment for Anaheim in such a team, which simply does not perform consistently and does not take their games seriously.

However, following Seattle's success, we said we'd give the team another chance and tell them that a win of the @VALHQ playoffs would be a duty to send the team to Anaheim. However, we also had to find out during the games that the team simply did not accept it and did not downplay their usual boots but simply made fun of the tournament and did not take it seriously.

To show such a feat as a clear favorite of the tournament is absolutely indisputable, embarrassing and pathetic for us. After the defeat in the last game, which the entire management has followed live, we have decided directly to take this step today.
With immediate effect, the cooperation with the Call of Duty Team will be terminated and the contracts of the players will be dissolved. We deeply regret this decision, but find no other way out ourselves.

In this way, we would like to thank the team and especially @CammyMVP and @endurAAABH, you have brought us very far in the last two CWL events and we wish you all the best for your future.

More information on how to go, which players / team and if we will take the event to Anaheim will follow shortly.

Best regards,

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