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23rd May 2018 from TwitLonger

My future in Heroes

Sadly i wont be participating in HGC Phase 2 of 2018. The team have decided to play on with another tank and i sadly did not manage to get into another team. My Love for the game has not stoped and i will continue to try to improve on my gameplay and knowledge. Thanks to all the new fans and people who have cheered and supported me through my first phase of HGC. You guys rock!

For what my future hold i do not yet know. Most likely i will creat an OD with players that have experience and the same passion as me to get back into the HGC. I will try to stream more consistent and more hours each session so if you would like to support me off HGC you can come and watch @

I wish the best to my former teammates and their new player and even tho we had our up and downs i still see them as friends of mine and im happy i got to spend a year playing with Bl3kitny, Dotaisbetter ( rip name change) and Linked, also Potiboss who joined abit later.

That's all for me! I will try my hardest to prove i'm more than some burger flipping kid!

// Johan "Lauber" Lauber

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