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23rd May 2018 from TwitLonger

2018 Split 2 OPL regular season predictions

PSA: This is purely MY OPINION on the REGULAR SEASON and playoffs are a completely different story.
This is the first season where I think the classic OPL team categories will see a change - and by that I mean the 'middle of the pack' teams and the bottom teams will merge into a very competitive cluster since all bottom teams got significant roster upgrades / improvement in individual skill.

1-3: Chiefs / Order / Dire Wolves Not in any order. They were too difficult for me to rank
but I think these teams will still be at the top just
because they have the best raw talent and have a solid
foundation of playing with each other due to no roster
4. Bombers May seem controversial to place them so high but I think
the import players will have shaken off their jitters and
play to their true potential. Sleeping is a lot better than
what he has shown so far and Seb is underrated. They
just have to overcome support weakness.
5. Mammoth Original members seemed to have improved significantly
Solid imports.
6. Legacy Still a strong team, I just think that improvements made in
other teams could be enough to bump Legacy to 6th
7. Tectonic Similar to Mammoth - improved core players and imports
are a massive bandaid to previous weaknesses
8. Avant Garde Similar situation to Legacy. I would say Praelus and Only
are pretty evenly matched, whether AV can place higher
is gonna heavily rely on how well their new AD can

Just to reiterate 4th-8th is VERY CLOSE and are all potential gauntlet teams, these are just my predictions.

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