Translation of this Vytautas player Edvinas Seskus (coach Virginijus son) interview:

Asked about probable relegation: "It would be terribly dissapointing. During the season you walk around the town, all friends are asking how are you doing. Maybe its ok for other players who are not from Prienai, they will just leave somewhere else to play. But since I am from here, this year had an additional pressure from friends and people that I know. Even my grandma gave me an earful and questions why are we not winning."

Q: How would you evaluate this special season?
A: It was an eventful one, its unclear when the next one like that will be. Of course, results were terribly bad and thats annoying. So many things happened it seems like 3 seasons has passed. Balls came and went. So many things happened it truly seems like few seasons happened in one.

Q: What were your goals before the season?
A: I joined the team later (note: in October), I did not even expect to play in Prienai. When I came the most important thing was to win at least a game. When we achieved 4 wins in a row, the usual Prienai injuries syndrome started (note: there are talks in some corners linking Prienai injuries to their subpar physical preparation). Then we had a quagmire of losses again. We thougth about playoffs, tried to get everyone recovered. Started to play well again, got some wins. Then we had injuries again, some people joined us, we got out of rhythm.

Q: How did LiAngelo and Lamelo look in practice?
A: Just after they arrived during practices both us and them were confused about everything. I saw during practices that LiAngelo tries hard and wants to train. But its not for me to evaluate this.

Q: You mentioned that your dad Vytautas coach pushes you more than your teammates. Maybe it would be best if he would repeat that you are the best like Lavar does?
A: If I would be supported like that, everyone would say that Seskus has gone totally crazy and what is he doing in basketball. Thats just the way it is in Lithuania that you have to criticize if you want someone to improve.

Q: Tomas Dimsa has expressed his dissatisfaction with Ball family. Were there more situations like that?
A: Of course, they came and there were a lot of players unhappy. But they were also a benefit to Prienai. It was very hard to adjust, but we all tried to do it.

Q: Didnt Balls divide your team into two camps: one supporting them and one against them?
A: Things didnt seem so bad in the beginning. Of course, those cameras got us off our track, but it wasnt so bad. Only afterwards everything started. Some players get unhappy, then another bunch. In the end you could feel that friction.

Q: Did you consider leaving Vytautas because of this friction?
A: I am from Prienai, so I want the team to do well. Therefore in the beginning I was very positive. I only thought how to help Prienai, so that they would get benefits out of it. I told players repeatedly that everything is fine here. But in the end I started wondering maybe I should change my environment. But I received a lot of playing time, even if it had to be reduced when Balls came. But I try to be different and look at things positively.

Q: If Vytautas drops down to NKL, where would your career go?
A: I dont know. A lot will depend on the agent. I wish to go somewhere where its fun, I would get playing time and where I would be trusted.

Q: But you would not play with Vytautas in NKL?
A: I dont think so. But first of all, I hope it does not happen.

Q: You made a substantual step forward this year and became one of Vytautas leaders. Even if Vytautas stays in LKL, would you like to go to higher level?
A: I think so. I would like to see myself in another team, maybe abroad. I always wanted to try myself somewhere else, in a stronger league. Of course, I would like to go somewhere where I would get playing time and would not be sitting on the bench with the contract.

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