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16th May 2018 from TwitLonger

Departure from Penta Sports Academy:

ESP: Tras varios dias pensandolo, anuncio mi salida de Penta. Ha sido una buena experiencia, sobretodo al ver de diferente manera el juego con el ingles. Me voy con buen sabor y les deseo lo mejor. Por ahora mi objetivo: Proximas competiciones españolas y QL de challenger.

ENG: After several days thinking about it, I announce my departure from Penta. It has been a good experience, especially seeing the game with English in a different way. I'm leaving with a good taste and I wish you the best. For now my goal: Next Spanish competitions and Challenger QL.

Agradecimientos / thanks to: Yami, Sam, Doc, Movetaho, Green, Quadzy and Leon.

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