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10th May 2018 from TwitLonger

Departure from @PENTA_Sports as R6S Academy Coach

Departure from PENTA Academy as Coach

It's not an easy decision to make, but I have decided to leave @PENTA_Sports as coach for the Rainbow Six Siege Academy Team.
I can't continue anymore, as the different issues impacting my life have a higher priority than the team in the end and it has impacted both my willingness to work for the team, as well as the work I actually got done. I haven't even gotten around to get my placement matches done this season due to stress and health issues, for which I was undergoing surgery just earlier this week.

I also need to apologize to my team as I haven't been a good coach these past weeks, especially during our time of looking for new players, where I basically put that work onto Yami and movetaho as I couldn't deal with the stress it brings.
I am thankful for all the awesome players I worked with, special mentions here go out to @UUNO_R6 the beast of a player who left to play for ENCE; @FabianR6S who actually was there for me with player recommendations and advice; and @R6Yami who turned out completely different than the rumors I had heard about him. I am also thankful for the great people that I met along the way, you guys made my stay in this scene fun and endurable even with all the drama that never seems to go away.
The biggest thanks go out to @Shas_O_Udas however, as he gave me the opportunity to build the academy team in the first place and was always there for me with helpful advice.

Don't expect me to be gone forever though, because it seems everybody quits and comes back at least once in this scene; hell, even Fabian came back. I will also be attending the Paris Majors in August and will still be hanging out in the streams I can usually be found in.
And while I quit being a dedicated coach for PENTA Academy, I am still available if teams are in a tough spot and need some help, just like I have always been. For this reason my DMs on here will stay open as always.

Thank you everyone for this time, maybe I'll come back some day.
- DocYen

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