Seskus interview first, then a link to Lonzo video interview + Lavar quotes below.

Vytautas coach Seskus in 04.25 press conference after 73-69 loss to Siauliai, relevant bits about Balls (

Q: How did you react to Balls decision to leave Lithuania before the end of season?
A: What do you think?

Q: Its seems you are relieved.
A: In not a single team ever it should be this way, even with injuries. They showed again that they came here for show and not for basketball.

Its a pity they did not understand what we gave them. Performance, training process suffered. Of course, they helped us as well and brought benefits. But we understand that and they dont understand what benefits they received here.

Q: Lavar was angry about you.
A: Let him be angry however much he likes.

Q: Were you talking recently?
A: When you talk, then next day you have angryness again. Its better not to talk. We are not in big conflict, but recently there was no contact - he looks after his business, I shout about my stuff on my own.

Q: Was this their personal decision?
A: Personal. They do what they like.

Q: Would you like them to stay until the end of the season?
A: The main thing is you cannot act like that. Kids want to play basketball professionaly, but is this an example how you should behave?

He loves his family and I love my kid as well. There were moments when I let Melo play and kept my son on the bench. But they did not understand that a 16 year old cannot play in full capacity in strong leagues like LKL - thats the worst.

Q: There were Lavar statements that Melo maybe will stay here for another 2 years.
A: There were a lot of statements. But I did not get into commentating them. I predicted it would happen the way it happened. I leave these things to their conscience.

Q: Do you think they care about you at all?
A: We? Definitely no.

Q: Will you care about them? Will you follow their careers?
A: It will be interesting to see, its people that we know. Friend or no friend, its interesting. I dont hold grudges. Its strange to me calling people "brother" at first, and then not talking.

Q: You must be tired psychologically of all this.
A: In all aspects. The worst was 3 weeks ago. Those 3 wins refreshed me. Until them it was very hard, you cannot imagine. I dont want to insult them because they helped us. It was hard.

The main thing was we decided to play only with Gelo. There were so many (negative) comments about it on Facebook, my lord. We made the decision and I think those wins were because of it.

I have said before that Gelo can help. But he would have given us more if his father was not present in every practice and game. He shoots some nonsense shot and you try to explain that he should've not done that, and daddy is screaming to do it again.

Gelo is a good guy, he helped us. Melo is still young though. He got experience here, because he is audacious. But he must understand that you need to try to defend a bit.

Siauliai coach about Balls in Vytautas: there was no benefit for their basketball, but there was benefit for the club.

Lonzo Ball video interview:


Lavar Ball to

These two are direct english quotes:

“Are you really asking me that? Better talk to coach Ses. He ruined everything and we made our decision”

"I love Lithuania. It's great. The people are great. I just didn't get along with coach Seskus. That's the only thing I didn't like. And everything else was cool - the people, the administration. I'm good with it. I just don't mess with the coach"

these are translations from the article:

"We have nothing to stay in Lithuania for. Gelo got to take his game back before NBA workouts. Imagine he is the only Vytautas player ever to participate in NBA draft, but they dont even start him."

"I think Melo will play in some European club next season, I am not sure yet. We'll get back to USA and we'll see. It will be clearer with Gelo after NBA draft."

"I hope to come back to Lithuania again - maybe we will do Big Baller Brand tournaments here."

Asked if he will follow Vytautas afterwards: "No I wont. I will worry about my own business, not Vytautas".


Lavar: I will leave Sunday or Monday. We gotta pack our bags. My boys will go with me. We will not sit here and waste time.

LiAngelo is hurt with sprained ankle, and Lamelo does not play at all. Hey it cant be. I gotta take care of them and leave earlier.

Coach ruined everything and he’ll have to pay the price that Melo is not coming back.

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