-takbok +MisteM - Team Update

Today we are super proud to announce our new young player to the team, Gareth "MisteM" Ries! A lot of players have been very curious regarding the VAC ban issue and I would like to inform everyone that I have been in direct contact with Valve and his records are clean, so all assumptions can go out the window. If any tournaments/league would like some proof, please contact me.

We are very happy with our new 5th member as we have been discussing it for over 1-2 months now. I feel that bringing in a very young(16 years old) super-talented player like MisteM will be great for our team and himself as an individual player. We really excited to share our knowledge and experience with him to make an even better player.

With regards to Jan "takbok" Theron, he is a good player but unfortunately, we got to a point where we all at a point to focus on the next big step and we felt takbok was struggling to adapt in certain scenarios. We also noticed a lack of motivation.

We have also had/have the opportunity to go overseas but we felt that some work should be done on this roster before we plan our next big step as doing something like this is a really massive step.

Over the next few months, we will work very hard with MisteM and allow him to become a great player and then we will focus on our big adventure (we aren't in a rush).

Thank you Jan for everything, you a great person and always brought a great vibe to the team!

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