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18th Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

My future (updated)

This has been a moment I've been regretting for the past year but the time has finally come. As some of you recently know, I've been hired at the Esports Arena in Oakland that has recently opened up and its a great opportunity for someone such as myself. I'm very far behind in the "real world" and I've been putting it off for so long. A lot of people don't know but I didn't graduate high school and a little after I turned 19 I moved to California with a new sponsor trying to make it out here living out my dreams, which for the most part I did but I had so much help. Sky Williams may not be the happiest with my decision to leave his house but he helped me so much trying to let me enjoy my life out here to the fullest while pursuing my dreams. Tyrant, D1, ZeRo, K9, and VoiD as well were a great backbone and the everyone in the Sky house has a lot of love for me and I will always consider them family. Also big thanks to Larry who has been a mentor to me for so long now and I appreciate it homie.

I started my journey as a competitor nearly 11 years ago with my cousin Vex, there I met Melee legends such as Scar, Cactus, and Mew2King. Scar even encouraged me to go to my first tournament in Philly. I got into Brawl and played it semi competitively for a few years until I got into a crew that pushed each other (UFB) and then my mom's bad health took a turn for the worse and I was on my own and got arrested and when I got out I dedicated most of my time/interest into Smash. I was able to get pretty good at Brawl by attending a lot of tournaments, grinding with Vex, ZeRo, and Kingtoon and at the end of the game and was ranked 28th in the world in the 2013-2014 rankings. I got sponsored before Smash 4 came out and moved to California where Ive been living off sponsors, tournaments, and live streaming since. Its been pretty rough but when I moved out of the Sky house , Mijo and his family took me in NorCal and accept me as blood for a year and a half. It was a great time and I am forever thankful for their help.

This brings me to the point of all of this, after Switchfest this weekend I'll be semi retiring from Smash 4 until I feel I've gotten my stuff together. My life and my health isn't the best for someone my age to be honest and I want to get it under control especially with this great opportunity of getting hired by Esports Arena. I still will stream/do content, attend locals here and there in NorCal and maybe pop up at a MSM here and there and attend a major once in awhile but putting Smash as one of my top top priorities in life will no longer be the case, and I hope by Smash Switch I can get everything together so I can be the competitor I always have been and take the game serious but we will have to see how everything pans out. Thank you for reading this and I appreciate everything from anyone who has helped me or been a homie through out this journey.

TL;DR - I'm gonna stop competing seriously to focus on working at Sports Arena and getting my life together until I'm in a comfortable spot in life and my health (hopefully by Smash Switch but who knows) and I love everyone who has helped me out

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