Apologizing and now quitting for GOOD.

Hello, I've wanted to address some things along the way as I make this post.
Now, I had decided that I wanted to come back making content as usual. But I feel like I don't want to make that content for good now.

Behind the scenes, as I mention this before, I laugh at my own content because I enjoy making the stuff I make and hopefully you guys too.
I have too many ideas to where it's too full and I just release them simultaneously.

I want apologize in advance if I come off as that person who spams people's timelines and make videos just because I want the clicks. That is not my intention.
I'm aware that my mass posting got outta hand and the memes I've posted are far off way too dead. But, I enjoy making them.

But now as I've seen people's messages, and I see what people have to say about me. They're right. I might as well stop.

I'm sorry for being that person, I'm sorry if I come off as "unfunny" and stuff. I regret making content and I regret posting those kinds of content now.

So now, I'm going to be quitting content forever.

this whole thing happening again led off to me just wanting to quit for GOOD.

I'll be deactivating my whole twitter and possibly my YouTube and Discord. I'm not sure when for my YouTube but for definitely Twitter. 4/20 will be posted instead by other people such as MMaker and macabre. Not by me.

30 minutes from now is when I deactivate my account. So if you want to archive everything I have. Go ahead, it's all yours. If you wanna monetize my content, go ahead, it's all yours now.

I'll be leaving the alias as "DitzyFlama" and stuff. I'm gone for good now, I'm not making content anymore.

I've always wanted to dream BIG, always wanted to make content that entertains people. I don't do it because of popularity. Because it not only makes me happy but others happy and I feel like I made that audience. But now, that I'm not happy with the stuff I make, why should I continue?

I would like to apologize to my friends who had to put up with my stupid ass content. You were right.

I apologize for big content creators or big friends such as MowtenDoo, SuperWiiBros08, FourScore64, RedRiot, SirCutieYuki, Jameskii and other people. I've failed you.

Now, before I sign off this last time, I wanna say to the people who watch me and support me.

I'm sorry for wasting your guys time.
I'm sorry if I've spammed your timelines.

But I hope you guys who supported me and watched me have been entertained. You were the best people I could ever ask from a guy in Canada making stupid shit for you guys to enjoy.

Please, if you are a fan of me and you post content, please continue. Don't let this message come off as a downer.

I'm sorry to everyone that may look at me as some scumbag on the internet. I'm leaving my place now.


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