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14th Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

this is what really happened!

What a load of shite. CW and others (not sisters uncut - they weren’t there on either day) wandered off the Wetherspoons after court case. The screeching Terfs waved us off liked crazed loons. Cops wouldn’t let said loons leave court premises until we were out of sight, so presume they were escorted by them up the road. Cops were called to Spoons as we were having a group photo taken outside pub and some drunk twat came out and landed a punch on one of our lot. Bar manager called cops, cops saw the cctv, spoke to twat who landed the punch, asked our side if he wanted to press charges, being a good anarchist said no, twat was told to apologise or be permanently barred. Nowt to do with fucking Terfs.

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