Vytautas coach Seskus 04/12 win vs Nevezis post game conference full translation from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DKxIC2xWKHA:

We played a good game and most importantly on the team play. We stressed that in the 2nd half of last game against them we lost rebounds by 15, we had a lot of shots repeated, repeated and repeated again on us. So we stressed rebounding and I think we won that today. Of course, 3 point shooting was excellent in the 1st half, 8 out 12, and what pleases a lot is that home team was getting closer and closer but we were able to widthstand that. Its great that we won so we keep pressure on Nevezis so that they would not relax and everything can happen.

We will fight for that 9th place, we have a must win game on Sunday, will be a hard game against Dzukija, they play well, but we will do everything and, of course, we will wait for Nevezis opponents to win (laughs).

Q: Despite all your losses, team spirit seemed of highest level today. What has changed? Maybe there is less players now...
A: We lost Dimsa, but it seemed we did not look worse and in some places even better, the ball was moving around better, which was a bit strange, but yes the ball was moving much better, its one of most important things. You cannot say that Tomas used to hold the ball up too much, but its not about one person... players themselves, we talked yesterday, I said "men you can prove", its the last game basically, they knew in case of the loss there could be sanctions (note: just trying to speculate here, i think he meant player salaries cut, players released and things like that to save future budget. Maybe).

Our play execution was tormenting us all season. We run these plays all season, and today we we executed some plays perfectly, and then players believe, because they start panicking when things go wrong. Its a pleasant victory, we will keep fighting.

Asked about a player (Martynas something) on the bench:
One of my players told me, when we were using a lot of players with Gelo and Melo included and you get a mess (note: he used lithuanian word košė which means porridge and is used to describe chaotic uncontrolled situations): "coach you are too kind".

So I kept Martynas on the bench, because Justas (Sinica) played well. They say Utena won with 6 players... When 6-7 players play, they know that they will play all the time, they dont worry about being substituted quickly. And when you have 14, you can imagine. Against Lietuvos Rytas I played you can say ice hockey, in separate fives.

So I think we will play next game like this as well. How many minutes Gelo had? 18? I think that is an optimal time amount for him, and in one moment he truly carried us, with those 2 threepointers. There was nothing particularly bad, yes he got a three on him, but others did as well. We look at him with magnifying glass, everyone does, this player gets outplayed one on one, another gets outplayed, and just after this one does, everyone goes there you see look he got outplayed! We dont need to overreact like that, there was some of that on the bench today, but there was much less of that. And thats very important.

Q: Lamelo situation today?
A: He has a little injury, with the back... but I think he would like to play, but please dont get angry. I cannot act like that in a situation like now. People would not understand me now (note: if he would play Lamelo in these do or die games). We played like that against Lietuvos Rytas... against Nevezis in the last game we had that moment, everyone reacted a lot afterwards, we got behind by 5 points when we put him on the court, but again no need to write off everything on him, there was 1 and a half quarters remaining... We will try not to make mistakes like that, only those who can play will play.

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