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9th Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

@4Score7Pongs My thoughts on the most recent episode... @jarbochov @ssines

Sea of Thieves:

So I have been playing a lot of SoT lately with a full group, with one friend and solo. I have also done some solo coop so I get paired with a random person or group. I have a problem with how quickly you decided to discount the game after one bad experience. Things might happen online but you might also meet someone you really like to play with. I meet a friend who I have been playing a lot of games with recently bc I joined his ship randomly. It can go both ways. During my full group play we had some of the most fun I have had in a video game in a long time. Sailing together, chasing and sinking players ships and stealing their treasure. Having them chase back after us while we race to the outpost to turn in the chest. I had a blast, and even when doing two's on the smaller ship I had a great time. The first time me and my buddy sank a large ship with a full crew with our small ship was amazing. One of my favorite moments was sneaking onto a ship while playing solo while the crew dug up some treasure. I hid on their ship while they sailed to the outpost and when they were getting ready to dock I shot one in the back, grabbed the treasure, jumped into the water and turned in the chest as they ran after me. You had an issue with the loot system but the game was made to be fair, fun, and easy to pick up. If you got rewarded for just finding the treasure then what would be the fun? There would be no thrill, finding a legendary quest and having to safely get it back to an outpost is thrilling and fun. Trying to steal someones chest before they get back to the island is thrilling and fun. There is no gear progression bc you don't want one hardcore group going around destroying all the new people. Everyone is on a level playing field and it all comes down to skill in sailing and fighting. This game wasn't created to be a game that takes up all your time, it was mean't to play a few hours with some friends and have some fun. Going Solo? Go be a stow-away and steal some treasure! This game is not perfect though. If you played Elite Dangerous before the lest 3 years of expansions you had a beautiful sandbox game just like SoT with no end game and no quest variety, but it had thrilling fights and player interaction. I hope SoT's gets new content in the form of end-game and new quests but the core is solid and I hope Rare can build off of it.

Toys R Us:

When I hear about or see a Toys R Us I instantly think of Chuck E Cheese and get depressed. Imagine a 31 year old white male and 27 year old white female with a 4 year old and a 9 year old. The guy is a XXL but wheres 4XL shirts and Jorts. He has a soul patch attached to his chin strap and wears a hat that says "OBEY" across it. The bill of the hat is flat of course. He drives a 2004 dodge neon with the hub caps missing and vapes bc he is trying to quit smoking reds. The women is very pale and isn't fit but just overweight enough for it to be noticeable. She has naturally blond hair but you can tell she had it died red at some point. The color has washed out and looks greasy. You cant tell if she hasn't washed it or if it is hair product she got at the dollar tree. She smokes those skinny cigarettes when she can afford it but goes for menthol when she is struggling for money. She wears a tight, off-white, t-shirt with short sleeves and a picture of Tweety Bird on the front. The shirt is stained and the graphic has faded but you can tell she has worn it for a few days. Her make-up is too colorful and it looks like she doesn't wash it off every night. Both of their kids are boys with short, jel filled, hair. They are hyper-active and seem to have no sense of discipline. This is the type of family that I imagine filling Chuck e Cheese and Toys R Us. So lets close these places.

Loot boxes:

I agree with you guys and have no issue with a look box as long as it is only cosmetic or has no effect on gameplay. There is a gray area with a game like CSGO where the items are fully cosmetic but can be sold immediately for real money. A lot of games have a market place and loot boxes which causes people to try their luck. Some would consider this gambling. Is this any different then a game like Overwatch or Rocket League where there is no market? Let me know what you think

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