Vytautas coach Seskus 04/07 post game conference after loss to Lietuvos Rytas (https://youtu.be/f4PYlEInq94):

Opponent today was such that you dont need to feel down for too long. So knowing their team and our situation (note: he meant difference in standings and class) we could let more people play and you saw there were some show elements... (note: said with sarcasm) so we could play a different kind of game today.

Q: Is PG the most problematic position for you?
A: I dont want to criticize too much, but I would like more solid play from Broadus. It feels in moments he does not control the team. But again, today was a specific game. I come to this conclusion from 1st quarters when we still kept our focus and effort. It felt like we would fall apart at any moment. Of course, you would wish for better PG play in all these games that we played.

Today I wanted to see how Lamelo looks who did not play for a while, played more through Gelo as well. Why are you shaking your head? He looked bad? Yes he looked bad. We have a game against Nevezis now, and we will prepare for that one, or at least I wish that we would play the best game of the season. So we could have that very little but still a chance to not finish last. (note: this means Lamelo back to bench)

Q: Last week you said you will do a team bonding evening this week.
A: We did not have time for that. We came back from London on Wednesday, two practices on Thursday, we ran out of time for this. That London trip... some stayed some went, its tough. Its tough now for everyone, coaches and players.

Q: Back to Lamelo, 2 out 15 shots made, tragic defense, why did he deserve to play 25 minutes?
A: Today I wanted to let him play and show that its hard to play against a more powerful opponent. They play in those tournaments of theirs, score 40 each... maybe its late now, but we need to show reality of Lithuanian basketball, that anyone cannot just come over and play. So I let him play more today for them to see that playing this style of basketball that they want to play you will lose against every single LKL team. We looked at this game as a some kind experiment to play that style of play.

Next game against Nevezis will be no experiments. We will play our game, we will try to include Gelo, cause I remember last time we played against them he scored 20 in the first half. But everyone can see that defense... Players who sit on the bench feel that the coach is giving away playing time in advance (note: he meant not for current level of play).

If we win against Nevezis, we will start believing that we can hang on to this. Our team is not that bad. You know, this whole thing (note: Balls joining) got us off the track a bit, not a bit actually, but a lot. But what can you do, we might even not talk here with you now if they did not come (note: he meant Vytautas would be bankrupt), you all know Nevezis have a financial situation now, we try to pay all players and not to be in debt, whatever will be will be. I am not sure we would manage to get to this day at all. People that I talk to understand the situation, those who dont understand what can you do.

Q: Any regrets having Balls here?
A: You see, I can again speak from one side or another. We got lucky that they came from offcourt side of things, from oncourt side, as I've said before, if they would come alone, since they are under big influence from their father and what Lavar says they do, you could try and force them to do things. With him around they are relaxed, so its tough. We let this slide in the first month and now its hard to correct it. Other players feel it, so its not an easy situation.

Q: Maybe now with father gone it will be easier?
A: He will come back soon and will not let me to feel free. How long can I be without this pressure? A week? (laughs)

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