Tere mere sapne..one of the most sensitive bollywood movie by Goldie

There is an idealist doctor, who wants to work in the villages. There is a woman school teacher who teaches in the village school. It is a meeting of minds. She inspires him to study further. Unfortunately a mishap happens when the idealist couple loses their child because of a road accident. They go to the city. The doctor gets corrupted by the ways of the city. His wife leaves him. The doctor realizes his folly and returns to the village.
A parallel theme of 2 doctors, 1 has been addict to alcohol while at that time other is ideal , passionate to serve society and having dreams while later situation reversed.. first Dr. Played by Vijay Anand Dr. Jagan Kothari turns ideal, simple and other doctor gets I to noshia of money, greed and fame!
The appeal of the music was enhanced by the way Vijay Anand filmed the songs as only he could. It made a socio-political statement.
Music by SD, heart touching songs by Neeraj, and The appeal of the music was enhanced by the way Vijay Anand picturized the songs as only he could.
Excellent and Very strong story, dialogue, screen play, music , acting, direction!
Sapno ke tut Jane see aadmi nahi tut jata...
Apne bare me bhi kuch kaho...tum Kya ho...doctory ke peshe par ek dhabba. Jaganath Kothari, mbbs Bombay mrcog london...Jinake bharose unko jindagi ki ummid ho sakati hai wo nasheme chur pada hai...

Each frame is unique in this 1 minute scene...no other film in Bollywood has such an intense scene !...I have watched multiple times, studied facial expressions, dialogue delivery, screen play, and all aspects...should be included in syllabus..

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