100A Kitzuo

As of April 1st, my contract with 100 Thieves has expired, and I am looking to entertain offers for the Summer 2018 Split. My performance with 100A wasn't the best (3-5), but the things that I've learned and the experiences I've had have shifted my perspective on myself as a player and my approach to League of Legends. The lessons I've been taught while with the organization are invaluable and will be crucial to my career in the future. I would like to take this time to appreciate everyone that I've worked with thus far.

We didn't really get close while on the team, but you wanted the best for the team and for it to succeed. As your teammate, I acknowledged that and wanted to contribute as much as I could.

Sorry I wasn't really able to get close with you, I learned a lot watching you play after you arrived; it's a very rare experience to be able to work with a world class Jungler.

Joe, what do I have to say but thanks for everything. From the beginning until the very end, I felt supported as both a player and a person. There were many times where the pressure continued to hammer at me, but I know it was with good intention. Although I didn't meet your expectations, I plan to use what you've taught me about work ethic and proper Jungling to accelerate my growth as a player. For my 1st competitive experience, I'm glad to have been learning under you.

Allen, we had a lot of struggles in the beginning, I'm glad we were able to work it out. Thanks for all the experiences we shared as roommates and motivating me to play better every day. The stories that we shared are some I'll never forget, you have great potential and I think you'll go really far in what you decide to do.

Sam, I don't know too much about you personally and your goals, but I do know that you did your absolute best to help the team succeed. Throughout all stages of my time there, I felt I was always given a chance to improve my play through what you taught me. Even on bad days, it felt like you were always ready to help the team improve both in and out of the game. I highly respected you coming into the team, and after working with you, I can confidently say that you are a teammate I'd love to work with again.

Max Waldo. We've been friends for longer than I can remember. I'm really glad we were able to experience our first competitive environment together. I'm glad we were able to talk closely during our time there, and I hope we can continue to share our experiences and maintain a strong friendship, even on opposite sides of the rift. I'll never forget our optimized In-N-Out experiences, I hope you never forget our order ;)

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