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2nd Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

RE: @wjbaxVGC - Sao Paulo Challenge

After some thought and discussion, I've decided to revise the punishment I handed out to @wjbaxVGC.

Although it is super important in the future of the game to have players not ignoring ghosting and actively reporting it when it's in-front of you, the direct evidence never implied William was involved in the ghosting.

William will still remain disqualified from the Sao Paulo challenge due to being involved in witnessing the ghosting between his friend group and not alerting me to it - however I will lift his ban from future tournaments if he'd like to play them.

I have also reimbursed his entry fee, and if he would like to play the next one, I will personally cover his entry fee for him and he can play it for free.

Please don't attack William about this, and please understand the decision we made to disqualify him was taking into account the logs we were given, and the likelihood of foul play occurring given the players being aware of the ghosting during the finals.

In the future, please consider that it's important to set this precedent. A strong way we can prevent ghosting going forward is not let players ignore it.

This is the last post I'll make on the issue.

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