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1st Apr 2018 from TwitLonger

Sao Paulo Challenge Ghosting

Unfortunately it has been brought to my attention and I have been provided with sufficient evidence that Ceree (the winner of the Sao Paulo Challenge) was being ghosted by other players during the tournament. I have discussed this evidence with adsvisors, and we both have come to the mutual conclusion of disqualifying him from the tournament and taking his winnings. The result will be overturned, and everyone Ceree defeated in Top Cut will have a chance to continue in the tournament.

This will begin with Top 8 between Spurrific and PinkSylvie, with the winner of that match to play StarKO in Top 4.

There was posts in an Italian Facebook chat about players gloating about how they ghosted Ceree, and an apparent discussion about how he planned to give them some of the prize money. Although in these online tournaments ghosting may seem 'common', it is still against the rules, and if you are caught ghosting, there's going to be an obvious punishment. The intent of this tournament is to provide a player to go to the International Championship, and you can't ghost in real life.

Secondly, I have decided to disqualify wjbax from the tournament. The evidence that indicated that Ceree was being ghosted also indicates that wjbax knew about this ghosting during the tournament. Regardless of whether or not he was ghosted, ghosting or knowing about ghosting is unacceptable in a tournament with stakes this high. If you know about anyone ghosting and you do not report it, if I find out you will also be disqualified.

After a debate, we have decided to also replay his side of the bracket, and that will be as follows:

Top 8: Brady Smith vs Knappi, the winner of that match will play DonVGC and the tournament will then resume from Top 4.

Both wjbax and Ceree will not be allowed to participate in any of my Challenge tournaments in the future, individual and other circuit bans may be implemented by other networks but that is not up to me. The other players who participated in the ghosting have not been named by the source I received the evidence, and as such I am unable to issue them with the same penalty at this time.

I apologize for what has happened and I will try my best to resolve this as fairly as possible.

- Zelda

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