Vytautas coach 03/31 post game conference full translation

Vytautas coach Seskus 03/31 post game conference quotes (video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O65liLFaVFc):

I told after the game to players this must be the last game without unity. We will have team dinner after London trip, we need to talk, too much of pointing fingers and complaining about each other. We must get rid of that in next 10 days and play good ball in April.

Q: what do you mean by this complaining?
A: Seeing each other's mistakes while ignoring their own. We make too many mistakes, all of us.

Q: What is Dennis Lukashov condition?
A: Very bad, he still hurts, I asked him to play hurt today. Maybe I should've not registered him and register Maceina instead. But they are a tall team and Maceina works best posting up smaller guards so we tought Dennis would work better.

(Note: just wanted to translate these thoughts about team PGs and how Lamelo was not considered an option in his mind)

On LiAngelo: "I said before the game it will be hard for Gelo today, because they have good big guys. Basically things did not go well for him today, he made those 5 turnovers and I could see other players (makes a displeased hand motion). But again, you cannot blame one person for things as I told players after the game, but yes there were mistakes from him, sometimes it happens like on purpose some mistakes are most visible, like it happened with him today where he was standing. It happens sometimes that everything is blamed on one player (Imitates player raising voice): "he did not come to help, he did not do this and that", so we had this thing with Gelo today. He did not switch, stayed with their center... time goes by, it has already been 3 months but if he would add 20-30% of understanding on defense, he could truly play, at least in Europe for sure.

Q: I heard your players telling you from the bench to bench Gelo... makes it harder doesnt it?
A: Of course. Its hard because they are sometimes partially right, but all players make mistakes. I told everyone to stop it, its been 3 months already, ok I will bench him, but please come and help, give him support. Its the most important thing. He is part of our team.

Today I let Melo in and he played really well. In last game I made a big mistake by putting him in when he was not ready to play. It was one of main breaking points of that game. But Broadus and Maceina made mistakes beforhand and I thought why not, like today, bam good play.

Q: Was putting Lamelo in like waiving a white flag?
A: No, I wanted to try something. I asked him are you ready he said yes in uncertain way I told him if you are ready go out and play. But again, defense is a problem. Offense with him, I can tell you, is very interesting (nods approvingly). He can beat anyone off the dribble, then distributes passes around. You need time and as I've said earlier, you got to take Melo alone, Gelo as well, they have to be with the team and work together like a fist.

Q: Without dad and cameras?
A: Something like that. Ok, Lavar gives his advice, but I was making big discounts at the very beginning, especially to Melo. He's 16. He is young, needs to adapt, its easier for Gelo. And after you make discounts its tough to start going hard on him.

As I've said, we have one month, we come back from our London trip, you can whatever you want but these things must stop.

Q: When Melo entered the game, hardcore supportes stopped supporting the team.
A: I did not see that, but I heard the whole arena overall started cheering when he came on.

Q: Maybe you should offer Lavar leaving his kids alone here without cameras...
A: Its too late now. We we will do something in a different way.

Lietkabelis coach asked about their good defense on LiAngelo:
We did not apply special schemes against LiAngelo, but we only kept Jasaitis (former national team player) on him with less defensive rotations who did a great job.

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