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31st Mar 2018 from TwitLonger

From my heart

I don’t even know where to begin...I hope you guys take the time to read this.

First, I’d like to thank Cloud9 from the bottom of my heart for taking me into a different world and shaping my life today. The moment I signed with Cloud9 is when Cloud9 became home to me. Ive left home from family without a split second of thinking it over and still haven’t regretted it. Without this opportunity, I don’t even know where and how I would be in life. The organization helped my growth and led me successfully at a high rate. I honestly never thought I would leave this organization and I was hoping to develop into a franchise player here in C9. The amount of pressure that was on me due to the last minute offer caused me to not even be able to tell tarik face to face. What kind of teammate am i? The decision initially caused me to not even show my face because i felt i’ve resembled embarrassment and betrayal. It took time for me to accept that this is what’s best for me to do what I love to do.

These are the opportunities that don’t come around and maybe even comes only once in a life time. It’ll be different every day I wake up. I thought hard about this and the most important reason that I did not want to leave because the organization and team were a home to me and it felt like i’ve essentially built this team. Leaving them means I don’t believe in them anymore but that’s not the case. We won a major together Ive seen the potential in this team. I thought about what I wanted and that’s to keep competing, win titles, and raise trophies. Tactically speaking about Cloud9, I feel I make an impact on leading the team on T side but it may not always be the best or even make sense and that comes from experience. I wanted to experience a different in game environment with players who’ve touched the top. I feel like Counter Strike has many styles and there are so much in the shadows to explore When I first joined Cloud 9, I performed well and showed hope when I was an Indian rather than a chief. I wanted to try becoming a chief and i’ve tried both sides of the spectrum now. I feel my potential can hopefully be unleashed eventually under a strong leader. This decision has got to be one of my hardest ones so far in life and it hurts even more because my connection with these boys are strong, but I had to choose what I thought was best for my career.

As for Tarik, RUSH, autimatic, and Ska, there are much to say about these guys. We’ve argued and gone through rough patches but I enjoy being around you guys. Even if we part ways, these 5 names will go down in history. It was amazing to share the moment we raised the major trophy on stage together. The era of the asian duo ends. I’ll be rooting for you guys still, wish you the best of luck, and see you in the server on the other side.

Ever since I joined Cloud9, I’ve gotten an overwhelming amount of love and fans from online and in person. Wherever I travel, Cloud 9 fans are always all over the world and it’s always a pleasure to play in front of. I loved to represent North America and carry that flag, but i can no longer do it. I was able to raise a trophy on American soil and experience the craziest and loudest crowd. This will always be cherished and forever remain in my memories. There’s so many reasons that add up to my decision but I can only say so much. I apologize to all the fans who wish for me to stay under these colors and hope the feeling of betrayal is nonexistent. As for the fans who don’t believe in me, it’s okay because i’ve been in this position prior to joining Cloud9. I hope I can change your minds too but time will be the essence of success. I ask you guys to at least respect the decision that i’ve made and welcome you to follow me on my new journey because I wouldn’t have been able to do it without the support. I appreciate Cloud 9 for doing what they’ve done for me; comforting, sheltering, and doing everything that made it easier for us to excel and perform to our best ability within the game.

It’s an end of a big chapter in my life and a new one awaits. Decisions sometimes prove to be the hardest to make, especially when it’s a choice between where you should be and where you wanted to be. Doesn’t feel the same to play under different colors, but it was a life changing decision. My heart will remain here but my mind belongs somewhere else 😊 I can only see a brighter light ahead of me. Because I spoke from my heart, I hope the things that everyone says will be from the heart, negative or positive, and if that is how you truly feel then I accept it.

See you guys in a different jersey.


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